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    Question It's Alive!!!!

    A few people that I know who keep reptiles have mentioned live food tends to make them more aggressive. Is this true with hedgehogs? Should live meal worms and crickets be avoided?

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    Nah, they're fine - just be careful if you're hand feeding dead or alive treats
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    No, don't worry about it.

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    I hope yours eat live treats, because mine sure don't. I thought I would splurge for their first birthday last week and get them live meal worms. I put them in front of them and they both looked at me like, 'you want me to THAT!' you know that look when we get a worm in our salad. I tried to explain to them that they're hedgehogs and they're supposed to eat them. Didn't work, maybe they don't speak English but my point didn't come across, lol I guess they're too domesticated.

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    My little guy loves meal worms, he scarfs them down so noisily though, lol you could try leaving the worm in your hedgies cage, You could try giving him fruits or veggies, mine took one sniff of an apple slice then it ran to the other side of the cage
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