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Thread: Winter problem ! (heating cable, pad or bulb)

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    Winter problem ! (heating cable, pad or bulb)

    Well, the winter is coming, and I need to heat up my hedgehogs box. There's the problem, I'm not sure what to do. Just want to ask a few questions, the usual ones.
    Note: My hedgehog is sleeping in a plastic box.
    Is the heating cable good to keep a hedgehog warm and is it better than heating pad (with or bulb ? My concern is the light, since bulb is giving some light so I'm afraid that hedgehog won't go out at night. Oh, what is the safe temperature, meaning, what temperature should there be that is safe for plastic and that's keeping the hedgehog warm (and how many watts should it be) ?

    This is the hedgehogs box (well, 2 boxes, big and completly opened on top )


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    My first recommendation would be a radiant space heater for the room. Otherwise, use a ceramic heat emitter with a rheostat. They make stands for the fixtures.
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    I used plastic boxes as my hedgies home then one of these between fleece and my little guys hedgie hut...
    The room was warm enough but he seemed to appreciate the extra warmth of the heat pad in the cooler months at night when our old house could be a little drafty.
    I also cut a hole in the side just big enough to push the power cord through too using a dremel.
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    Awesome, thank you for the help. Just, there's one more question , really want to know the answer. What temperature is perfect for hedgie (and how many watts is enough for a heater) ?

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    There really is no one perfect temperature. Wish there was a magic number In general the warmer the better. Here most of our hedgehogs are at 72-75 F and do fine, but some may need it warmer especially as they get older.

    If you are talking heat lamps. the watts will depend on how warm or cool the room is that you keep your hedgehog ie how much you have to warm it up.
    If you put a thermometer by your hedgehogs cage and monitor temp, that helps.
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    I had a hedgehog a few years ago who was cold & shaky at 69 degrees. When I discussed it with his vet- an exotic specialist, he said try him at 80 or higher. It would get up into the early 90's here in the summer (and I only have a/c for the chinchillas) and the hedgehog LOVED it. Longest living hedgehog I've ever had.

    The girl I've got now is always around 75-80, and she's great.

    Keep a thermometer on the cage (I have a sensor that goes INTO the cage as well, but that's just my own fluff), and one in the room. Gives you a bit of an ambient temp to help monitor. Most people who aren't hedgehog owners have no accurate idea of what their house temp is. XD
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