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Thread: enough fiber? good food mix?

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    enough fiber? good food mix?

    Hi, newbie from Malaysia here. Based on my current food mix, do you guys is this content enough fiber?

    1 - SunSeed Sunscription Vita Hedgehog Adult Food
    Protein - 37%, Fat 7%, Fiber 12%

    2 - 1st Choice Cat food: Adult 1-10 years INDOOR - SHORT HAIR Chicken Formula
    Protein - 30%, Fat 17%, Fiber 2.5%

    3 - ProDiet Kitten Tuna Dry
    Protein - 32%, Fat 9%, Fiber 5%

    I give them some boiled salmon cube as treat daily. I think this ProDiet Kitten Tuna Dry is not famous in western country. Anyone is using this brand and any comment?

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    Hedgies need about 15% fiber, if I remember right from Dr. Graffam's research. You might want to offer something with extra fiber daily- a few cheerios, half a teaspoon of chopped fruit of veg, a little rice... not a lot, given they don't eat a that much food in a day, but that will help balance out the fat content of the foods.

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