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Thread: low-cal food suggestions?

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    Gottcha Herman went for his first swim last night. At first, he snorted a little water, but he quickly got the hang of it. After about a 1 1/2 minutes he started struggling a little, so I got him out. He'll have to work on his endurance

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    Yep, keep swimming him, his endurance will increase over time. Sorry I confused you, I was suggesting that if you feed to little to an overweight, or underweight hedgehog, their bodies tend to turn it all to fat. There've been articles (and personal experience) about this, though I can't find any to quote specifically right now.
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    The same thing happens to humans, so that makes sense. He was so tuckered out from his swim and running around the bedroom for ~1 hour that he slept almost all night, only eating about half of his food. However, he was back to his normal eating and sleeping schedule last night (I gave him a break and did not make him exercise).

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