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Thread: Hedgehog Re-socialization

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    Hedgehog Re-socialization

    Hey Everyone,
    So my friend had a hedgehog for about 2 years, her name is Tinkerbell, and because of some home issues she had to give away Tinkerbell, the problem was she couldn't find anyone to take her and she was going to try to get Tinkerbell put down, but I stepped up and decided to adopt her..

    The problem is.. Tinkerbell is really anti-social.. and She's already 2 years old.. She will let you hold her, but she is very jumpy, she doesn't like people, she sometimes curls into a ball and doesn't come out.. She won't let me bathe her, or cut her nails.. It's getting a bit difficult.. So I was wondering how do I re-socialize this hedgehog to make her a fun, loving hedgehog?

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    I'm glad you gave Tinkerbell a home It usually does take some time when they move from one home to another, so be patient-some take a few weeks and others longer. If you can find one thing she likes-whether it's a treat, running around in an exercise pen, sitting on your lap, whatever she likes best and spend some time every day with her doing that she may come around quicker. Usually you can find something they like and that makes it easier
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    Completely agree with Ann! Thank you for taking her in. It might take a little longer, and more patience, but it will be completely worth it. Hang in there!
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