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Thread: Muffin doesnt want to eat (vegetables etc)

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    Muffin doesnt want to eat (vegetables etc)

    Hi friends,
    I have a little problem with Muffin - he absolutely deny any vegetables, fruits, wet cat food etc
    he eats just dry cat food, sometimes hard-boiled egg, cooked chicken or pork (but I havent got it at home offen coz I dont eat meat) and mealies (sometimes I give him cuttlebone - I read somewhere its good for calcium but I think he didnt ate it at all ) and as a treat he loves sponge biscuits.
    is everything he need for his health? I dont think so
    Ive tried it with all types of fruits/vegetables but nothig

    can you gimme any advice how to offer him something new, or something what he will like for 100%? Or assure me Im giving him all he need

    PS: picture of "sponge biscuit" I found that word in dictionary but dont know if you know what is it

    really thanks

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    Some of them are really picky about food and will only eat one or two treats or foods other than their kibble. If he likes the mealies, eggs, and a few other things, then that is pretty normal. They are definitely not like cats or dogs that will eat a lot of different foods you offer. Are the sponge biscuits like cookies? I think they are also called lady fingers or sponge cake
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