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    I am planning on getting a hedgehog soon and I am having a problem with heating. Right now the cage is at 70-71 degrees and that is without any heating supplement. Is that too low for a hedgehog? Can i leave it like that or should I still he a ceramic heat emmitor with a thermostat?

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    It might be a little chilly for the new little one, but that one shouldn't be too much of an issue? The breeders here know a little more on that than I do, but I got a little heating pad that I place right beneath where Reia sleeps and that seems to do well.

    The exact one I bought. Good luck on the little one!
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    Yes-you do want some type of supplemental heat available. Some hedgehogs can do fine in 70-71 but most need it warmer. It's better to have it on hand than have nothing and have your hedgehog be too cool. The heat pad that cardianharle has should work fine if the room is already 70-71. Try to find out what temp your hedgehog is used to now-if it is used to higher temps then you may want to go a little higher
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