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Thread: Boy met Girl.... need advice

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    Boy met Girl.... need advice

    Hi- I have my little boy, Harley, he is almost 2. Went to the pet store today for food and came home with a little girl, Holley

    She of course has her own cage and everything, a few feet away from Harley's. I put them down together just to introduce them, not trying to breed plus she is just a baby. Anyway, Harley really liked her, he was smelling her and licking her so I put her up so he wouldnt get too close. He kind of went crazy looking for her so I moved her cage in another room. He started climbing up the side of his cage. I'm now worried he is going to hurt himself climbing up his cage.

    Will he calm down and forget about her? I don't want to stress him out. I know people have multiple hedgehogs in different cages, I just don't want Harley to go crazy.


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    It's very stressful to have different gender hedgies in the same house. Please don't let them visit again, it's just going to freak her out, and stress him and make him act like that. In different rooms is good, wash your hands in between playing with them.
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