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Thread: Anybody from Dallas, TX?

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    Anybody from Dallas, TX?

    I just signed up here myself today!
    Anybody from the DFW metro area? I\'m in Allen, Texas
    I was hoping to find other hedgehog owners close by?

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    Re:Anybody from Dallas, TX?

    I\'m actually a few hours away. I\'m in San Antonio. But I checked out your web site and I might be interested in adopting one of your babies in the near future. I\'m wondering if that would be a problem since your web site said you would only sell to people in the \"DFW area\". Let me know.
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    Re:Anybody from Dallas, TX?

    I\'m from Arlington and I just joined today!

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    Re:Anybody from Dallas, TX?

    I\'m in Lubbock
    I have learned a lot from my animals. When things get messed up it is best to just take a deep breath and laugh. Life is too short to be upset, especially with those who bring love and laughter into your life.

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    Re:Anybody from Dallas, TX?

    Hi Ya\'ll! I am down South in the corpus area.....I know, I know..... might as well be Mars as far as distance goes from DFW area. But it\'s nice to see fellow Texans here. I just signed up to the forums today. Nice to meet you!

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    Re:Anybody from Dallas, TX?


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    I'm from College Station! Need a hedgehog soon. I travel all around Texas if anyone is interested in selling one

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    Just checking in from Del Rio, TX!

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