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    which wheel

    I have Cinni in a 40g breeder so 36x18". I was looking at the carolina storm wheels. I'm not sure a storm wheel would fit compared to a bucket wheel. I read the thread given on the differences and all it had to say was about the size but the storm wheel looks much sturdier than the bucket wheel. I've heard the bucket wheels warp over time. Also does the wheel rattle at all in the cage pan? I have sound psycho neighbors who get upset over a rabbit drinking out of a water bottle at night. They've threatened to call the police over it to which I just said go ahead but if possible I'd like a silent wheel so I don't have to deal with that. So far they haven't noticed whatever the wheel that came with Loki is. It has a white wire base and solid running surface with no crossbars. I'm afraid if I get another one or move that one to Cinni's tank the metal base will contact with the glass floor since it has to be buried a little to keep from tipping and make rattling noises. Otherwise I'd just get the big storm wheel for Loki and give his to Cinni since his cage is 30x36". Suggestions on wheels?

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    The carolina storm wheels are about as quiet as a wheel can get with a running hedgehog on it A lot of the noise will depend on the hedgehog who is using it. If a really avid runner is using it, it can bang around a bit-you may have to play with how it is placed in the enclosure
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