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Thread: Not eating too much. Help Please!!!

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    Question Not eating too much. Help Please!!!

    I've had to switch my hedgie from the food he was originally eating with his breeder because I can't get it. He will eat about 4 mealies and then is done. He seemed to like my cat's kibble, but I wanted to switch him to Blue Buffalo because its higher end and better than Wiska's.

    My question is, does anyone else's hedgehog eat less because its winter? My house is a constant 74 degrees, so I don't think he's cold. He is still running on the wheel every night and making a poopy mess as usual.

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    How old is he? They can slow down just because they are done growing for the moment. If you are going to switch foods, try to feed at least a couple of foods because they can be really picky about new foods so if this happens again that you can't get a certain food, then you will have another available for him.
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    He's 3 months old. When we got him he was just finishing up quilling. So maybe he'll go through another growth spurt soon. He's so active when we do have him up at night that I'm not so worried anymore. Thanks for responding! I think I just had new mom jitters

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