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    Unhappy Won't eat properly

    Hey everyone

    I need help! I adopted my 3 and a half year old Tenrec (Ash) 3 days ago from another family. Having read up all about a Tenrecs diet needs I've been trying different food with him. But, he REFUSES to eat anything but mealworms and tin meaty chucks kitten food. I've tried crickets, try kitten pellets, carrots, apples, yogurt, earthworms...Nothing works.

    How do I get him to eat anything else except mealworms and tin food?


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    If you've only had him a couple of days, keep him mainly on what he was eating before you got him. Introduce new foods slowly and one at a time otherwise he may have digestion issues if you overwhelm him with new foods. Tenrecs go into torpor (which is like hibernation) in the winter so he may not eat as much as normal in the winter.
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