Hi ya'al!
This is my first time posting on this site so plz bear w/ me. My name is Sue, and I've never owned a hh before, but after doing a lot of research, I have decided that our home definately needs 1 of these little cuties! Our oldest daughter and I volunteer at a local animal rescue, and feel strongly about rehoming b4 purchasing, if you can, so I was hoping someone on this site can lead us to good tempered (only requirement) hh somewhat near our home in western wa-we will drive further if necessary. We have a nice size cage w/ what we believe is a wonderful set up for any hedgie (we really went all out I have been attempting to locate a rescue (mostly through IHA recommended breeders and rescues) for quite some time without much luck So we are really hoping someone in your community can give us a good lead! Here's a shout out to everyone that puts time in to keep this site going! God bless you for all the information and sence of community you provide! Sue