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Thread: Advice on best heating

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    Advice on best heating

    We had a traumatic experience with our first baby passing away at three months old, around October and he was born in July. It was right when the first bit of cold weather was hiiting. We got our baby from a very reputable breeder and have little doubt that it was an unavoidable death but are still looking for advice for our next baby. What do you find the best environment for a new baby? We have a great cage, fed him the food given by our breeder supplemented by the right treats, gave him plenty of hands on play time coupled with the right amount of hands on contact, a space heater, and a heating pad taking up about 1/3 of the cage. I've had reccomendations for better heaters, so my question is what is the ideal heater to use for our next hedgehog, would you reccomend keeping him in an open room or a 4 x 4 space, is there any other factors we should consider while creating our new hedgehog environment to avoid the heartbreak the first one caused?

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    I'm sorry for your loss I have found that the people who have the easiest time of it are the ones whose home is at least 70 F to begin with and then they supplement that heat with a heating device. The people who have the hardest time are those who keep the whole house cool or turn the thermostat up and down a lot. Hedgehogs like a consistent temperature. So my first recommendation is have the room itself warm to the heating devices don't have to work so hard. It sounds like with a space heater and a heat pad, you should have the ability to keep a hedgie warm enough if the background temp is high enough. Temperatures vary room to room as well so you do not want to pick the coldest room in the house to put your hedgehog in. Try to pick the warmest room if it is practical in other ways. It doesn't necessarily matter whether it is an open room or a smaller space-the background temp matters more. If you put a thermometer by the cage and always know what the temp is, that is a huge help.
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