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Thread: Getting a previously owned Hedgie

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    Getting a previously owned Hedgie

    Hi all.
    I'm due to pick up an adult African Pygmh Hedgehog that needs rehomimg. It was handed into the zoo I volunteered at, and it desperately needs a new home. Have been looking at getting one for a while, so research wise I'm up to scratch. Just wondered if you guys had any advice on how to go about getting the Hedgie used to being handled, and to get it used to general socialisation?

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    I would try a little Classical Learning Theory and teach them to associate you with treats (live meal worms worked for Flower). I would plan ahead, make sure you aren't wearing too much of a fragrance and wash your hands with mild soap (dove or dial etc.) His sensitive nose can smell everything so truly less is more. Second, get the treat/worms out get them open and ready near by. Third, make sure you have a thick cloth or towel handy preferably unscented (tell the people that adopt him that a worn or slept in shirt works really well).

    Place the towel/cloth over him and scoop him up from the bottom like you would scoop water up with both hands. The thick cloth/towel will prevent you from being poked and will give him the sense of your dominance and lack of fear to pick him up (because there is no awkward struggle). Flip him over belly up (he may roll up) and IMMEDIATELY give him a worm/treat. Do this every single time you pick him up. He should allow you to handle him exponentially from then on, as long as you keep the routine going.

    Building a strong consistent association will go along way for your relationship. It is never to late to try this method, new associations can be formed at any age. Good luck

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