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Thread: Are these things safe as a small amount in a dry cat food?

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    Are these things safe as a small amount in a dry cat food?


    I ordered some premium Royal Canin light cat food online to add to his range and unfortunately, it's not quite what I hoped it would be. It is very high in protein and low in fat but it is 'enriched with a small amount of pysillium seeds and apple fibre'.

    Now, I know they can't have seeds because of the choking hazard but would it be fine if it was a small amount (0.5%), ground into a kibble? Or are seeds actually poisonous themselves as well as the choking hazard?

    Apple fibre I'm sure is fine, because my little guy loves the occasional treat of some apple!

    It also has a tiny amount of fish oil that I read from the ingredients.

    Why can't hedgehogs eat fish?
    Is it the choking as well?
    Is the fish actually poisonous?

    Experts, is this food safe for him? The main content is dehydrated chicken.

    Thank you so much

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    I don't use royal canin but I haven't heard of any issues with it with the hedgehogs. I think the seeds would be fine if they are ground in a kibble. The main problem with seed is a choking hazard or they get stuck in the roof of the mouth. Fish is fine for the hedgehogs. It's not poisonous and should not be a concern
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