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Thread: Pinky toe nail curling inward

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    Pinky toe nail curling inward

    I don't know what to do! My hedgies toe nail is too long and curling in. It must be sensitive because he won't let me get at his foot. I was trying to take the clippers from a side angle to cut it loose, instead of going under and up. Has anyone else had this problem? Why are they so bad about chewing their nails?

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    Yes some hedgehogs nails curve in easily. Some keep their feet pretty neat and running on the wheel helps too. Others you have to watch really closely because the nail goes from short to curving in towards the paw pad really quickly. I would try putting him in a little bit of water in the sink to get at his foot. The side angle probably will work better on him. Usually if you check once a week you will catch any long nails before they become a problem
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    I usually bathe the hedgie first, then the nails are softer and easier to trim, and the hedgie is less likely to raise quills. Then, I use child safety scissors which are a whole lot easier to maneuver under the nail than clippers.

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