So, I brought my female hedgehog, Teela to the vet on the 5th of March because she was having uterine bleeding that started Sunday the 3rd from out of no where. She was given antibiotics for two weeks and is now halfway through them. The blood decreased in its amount every day since I started her on the medicine. Now there is barely any to be found. Though, the last couple days that the blood was showing in her cage it almost looked like the lining of her uterus was among it. It was a very small amount but it was browish, stringy, gooey, and thick. Sorry that sounds very graphic and gross. Today there wasn't any sign of blood or anything else at all. I was just wondering if that was the residue of what was causing the bleeding and that was the last bit to come out of her. Does this mean that her body is starting to heal itself? Or is something else going on now? I know uterine bleeding is common enough and that the antibiotics most of the time does not do the trick or the bleeding occurs again later on. But I was just concerned about what the left overs of her bleeding looked like. Has anyone else experienced/seen anything like this coming out of their hedgehog? Please share your thoughts.