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Thread: Switching kibbles

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    Switching kibbles

    My hedgie has Innova in his mix and with the current recall I am wanting to take that brand out and replace it with something different. He is not a big runner so I want to keep his protein high and fat low. What can I replace the Innova with to get the fat level low. I tried Blue Buffalo and he does not like it at all. A friend sent me samples when I was wanting to add a third kibble to the mix so I added the Solid Gold. He also liked the Fromm Duck a la vegg sample I got. I want to try to stay with a kibble that is the same size of his other kibbles so that it mixes evenly.
    here is current mix:

    Simply Nourish Indoor- Turkey & Oatmeal
    Innova Senior- Chicken
    Solid Gold Katz n Flocken- Lamb & Chicken

    totals Protein: 34.6% Fat: 11.3%
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    I would go for one like Purina One, or even Purina Indoors. Cut the richness of your mix.
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    Alright. I also want to try to keep the kibble size around the same size so that it is evenly mixed.
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    any suggestions on what brand to use in replacing the innova. that has the same size as the other peices
    Proud mom to 2 Hedgies Sonic and Sprinkles

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