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    I got my hedgehog Sonic on Tuesday that just passed. Last night I had a horrible experience. My hubby woke me up at 4am cause Sonic was just laying in his wheel not moving. We figured that he started going into hibernation mode. So being up all night with him we got him warmed up. My house temp is 75F and his cage is sitting at 74F it's going up and down a little bit. We have him up on the table so he isn't directly on the floor. His cage has a plastic bottom and wire for the sides and top. We put a heating pad (for people) underneath his igloo on low setting it's warming the floor a little bit. There is a small fleece baby blanket and an old t-shirt in there also. He seems to love sleeping with the t-shirt so I don't want to take it away. I'm paranoid to go to bed to wake up to the same thing. I have a fleece blanket that I can drape over his cage. But should I only drape it over 3 sides?
    By 9am this morning he was back to his usual self and by supper time he was way more for exploring so I'm starting to wonder if I'm worrying to much. I'm sort of worried about leaving the heating pad on all night as I don't want to cause any hazards. Please any advice would be great. Last night was a nightmare for me and I spent a lot of time crying because I was worried about him.
    I've looked into getting the small heating pads that can go into a pets cage but none of the stores here have them.
    PS sorry if I put this in the wrong spot.

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    Don't worry-just be aware. If you put a thermometer by the cage, that will help alot. Spring is hard with temps all over the place-do the best you can to keep the temperature constant.

    You can get this heat pad thru Amazon
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    Thank you CThogs. He's been doing great ever since. We are watching the cage constantly and I even wake up and run out before going to the bathroom to check on him. LOL.

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    You sound like a good hedgie mamma

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    Thanks Andrea, I'm trying my best. I love him to bits and pieces. Even when he is mad at me for waking him up. Now I just need to figure out how to clip his nails and give him a bath without freaking. So far he hates it.

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