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Thread: Should I expect hoglets?

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    Should I expect hoglets?

    About two months or so ago I bought a little hedgehog when she was about 2-3 months old, and her name is Rustle. I have a little plastic pool that she runs in at night, and 2-3 days ago I noticed she had little teats when I was putting her back for the night. She is quite big and makes nests when her shavings and boxes. She has started coming out in the day to eat now. Does this mean I should expect hoglets, or am I just fretting over nothing?

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    If it is 2 months ago that you got her, then it's possible. Gestation can be anywhere from 35-60 days. If you got her 3 months ago, then it's unlikely. If you can figure out when you got her, that would help.
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    I'd consider it unlikely, though it is possible. A female will always have visible teats to varying extents, even if not ever bred. Nesting is normal hedgehog behavior. If she hasn't birthed 55 days after you got her, you're probably in the clear.

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