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Thread: possibly has had babies

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    Exclamation possibly has had babies

    So I have been monitoring luna for the past week looking for signs of babies, yesterday I got my friend to monitor her just to supply her food and water while I was out of town for a 3 day. When I came back I noticed she started hissing at me right away when I removed her water (which is nothing like her) when I looked in her cage I noticed something moving underneath her belly that was the same color as her. So I removed myself from the room right away. I have a web cam setup but the eglu that I have for her you can barely see through. How do I see if she possibly had babies so I can be more cautious?
    I cant hear the squeaking due to the fish tanks I have around the house so is there another way?

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    I believe the best way is to wait until she leaves her igloo to go have some food. She has to get hungry at some point. Then when she is hopefully not paying attention either shine a flashlight into the cave to investigate and to see any signs of movement or lift the igloo just a bit to sneak a quick peek. If there are babies just leave them be, she should know what to do for them, and make sure that Luna has a enough food and water and that she is actually eating and drinking it. Because that is very important.

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