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    Dumb Question

    So I got my Sonic on May 21. When I got him from the pet store ( I know should have went to a breeder but none close to me). They told me that he was roughly 12 weeks old. All I know is that he was purchased by them from another breeder I'm assuming from Southern Ontario because they brought him up. So here is my question that would make him roughly 15 weeks old now. To me he seems bigger for a 15 week old but I don't really know as he is my first hedgie baby. I attached a picture just to see what everyone thought.
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    It's hard to tell a hedgehogs age once they are over 8-12 weeks of age. I am betting the store doesn't know. Most stores buy from large commercial breeders. He does seem older than a 15 week old but I have seen a few grow incredibly fast so it is hard to say for sure. Just enjoy him whatever his age He is a cutie!

    I would also make sure it is a boy
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    Thanks CThogs, I doubled checked the sex when we got him. You can see his lil pecker sticking out when he was all balled up. I figured I would ask this while I'm at it. Is there anything that can be used on hedgehogs so that they don't get bug bites if brought outside such as mosquitoes? I want to bring him camping with us when we go through out the summer we have a trailer but of course sometimes some get in. I just not rather leave him with someone else. I don't want to share LOL
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