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Thread: salmon - safe food for hedgehog?

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    salmon - safe food for hedgehog?

    i have been feeding them boiled salmon cube as treat for quite some times.
    one of my friends from the other hedgehog group told me that salmon is not recommend as safe food to them.

    his point is any type of fish or fish product (even cat food with fish as main source of protein) should be avoided. Any how, i still can recall salmon is the good source of protein to them, just like the chicken breast. Any idea on this? how'a you guy think about this?

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    I used to give my previous hedgehog salmon oil when he got a little constipated (he didn't like pumpkin). He loved it.
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    It is probably the mercury content people are concerned about. Compared to other fish, salmon is low in mercury. I wouldn't feed it every day but as an occasional treat it should be okay-fish has some benefits too.
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    thank for all the replies, i am sure i saw it salmon are good to them just cannot find it now @_@

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    Hedgehogs arent supposed to eat fish, it certainly would clear out their systems though as it gives them the runs.

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