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Thread: urgent help needed in the phillipines

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    Exclamation urgent help needed in the phillipines

    A facebook friend posted this to all of her hedgies friends to see if anyone can hlep someone in need in the phillipines. The situation is sad and urgent help is needed. Here is what she posted, if you are able to help pm me with your contact info and I will pass along. Thanks for reading.

    Are there any fans here from the Philippines? A hedgie friend is being forced to give up all her pets including 5 (i think) hedgies. Some of the hedgies are pregnant and due in 10 days. He has commanded her to get rid of all of them in 7 days. She is absolutely upset and has few options.

    Krystel has her own health issues, which makes it very difficult for her to get a job and emancipate herself. Caught between a rock and a hard place, she has to give up ALL her pets, which she takes SUCH good care of in order to have a place to live. Though she has been financially supporting herself and her pets, her parents insist that she OWES them for giving birth to her and raising her; that she should be paying their way. I'm infuriated and saddened by this callousness. When she informed her dad of the Pregnancy due dates of the hogs, he told her he didn't care. If someone is near the Philippines and could help this girl, it would mean the world.

    Can anyone help her?
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    Can your friend utilize her facebook friends that live locally to her for temporary help until she can come up with more longer term plans? Or what about the local rescue groups in her country--again, maybe just for foster care until she can get her living situation more stable? Or what about utilizing social media in that country for help?

    Please let us know what happens with this.

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