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Thread: How To Get "Boy Time" Mess Off Face?

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    How To Get "Boy Time" Mess Off Face?

    Sonic has some of his "boy time" on his face and won't let me clean it off. I tried to get it with a toothbrush but he won't let me touch his face. I can't use vaseline because he tried to taste it. How can I get it off?

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    Ok, where is it on his face?

    YOu could get warm water and wet a washcloth with the warm water and squeeze out the excess and try to pat the area on his face to see if that helps clean the area.

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    It's right on the side of his mouth and there's also a bit under his chin.

    Thanks, I'll try a washcloth.

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    It may take a few times with the wet and then squeezed out washcloth to get your hedgie's face clean

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