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Thread: Something is wrong with my hedgehog.

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    Exclamation Something is wrong with my hedgehog.

    It has only recently come to my attention that my female hedgehog has something going on with her "lady parts". I was clipping her nails just today and had her on her back because I find it easier that way. I then noticed that her vagina looks slightly swollen and is gaping a few milometers wide, as nasty as that sounds. I carefully and gently felt it and it feels like a small ball is inside of her, so my guess it could be a tumor or a blood clot?? I am going to be making a vet appointment as soon as I can for her. I just wanted to ask about it because I was wondering if anyone else experienced something like this with their female hedgehog.
    Over all my little girl has been healthy pretty much her entire life. I have only had to bring her to the vet once for some antibiotic. Right now it would seem is though nothing is wrong with her. She runs on the wheel every night, eats, sleeps, poops like she always has. It just sucks that this is happening to her now when she isn't even that old. She's my little baby and I would hate to have to see her go through an operation to fix what is going on with her.

    Hope to hear from someone.

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    Hi Teri, any luck fionding what is wrong with her? My hedgie lost a bunch of teeth over the last 6 months, and now has blood in her urine. I saw on an older post that yours also lost teeth. Sounds like they may have similar problems. I am seeing the vet tonight, will let you know if I get any information that might be useful.

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    I only have boy hedgehogs so I am not sure what that could be but going to the vet is a good idea. Let us know how that goes!

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    hi, Ms Oreo had the same problem a while ago, and when i used a tweezer to try and "open" her lady part she got grumpy - as expected. what i discovered was a small piece of her kitty litter that she managed to get in there because she has a habit of "wiping" herself on her litter after she pees. i worked gently and got te litter out with a small tweezer. after that she was fine.
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    Aww I hope she got better! I might be getting a boy hedgehog this week. Might be adopting one from a vet clinic where he was abandoned. Way cheaper than spending 200 bucks on one from a breeder!
    Can't wait to get my own hedgie friend!

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    Penelope, if you adopt the hedgie, we look forward to hearing more Good luck regarding this!!

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