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Thread: Rescued grumpy hedgie

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    Question Rescued grumpy hedgie

    I recently rescued a hedgehog. My brother has one and now I have one. The people had her outside in a plastic bin with no heat lamp. Now I have her cage properly set up and she's so grumpy! She growls and hisses and jumps when you touch her all the time! I sit with her every night and keep her in my lap for as long as I can yet she's still not used to me. It's been over a week and she's not any better than when I got her. I have my shirt over part of the cage so she smells me but she still is grumpy towards me!

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    Ok, it is going to take more time for your hedgie to relax and be more at ease with you. Hedgehogs like routine so create a routine with her. Use the same fleece blanket to hold your hedgie and just let her snuggle. Dont try to pet her or force her to be comfortable at this point. Just let her get used to being held in a blanket, give treats and do this daily. With time, she will begin to relax.

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    Also, there are some wonderful archives on this site that give tips regarding this.

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    It usually takes a few weeks before they are used to you and your home, so if its only been a week or two, that is pretty normal in a rescue situation. Try to be patient and don't give up. She will come around but it may be on her time frame not yours You did the right thing by giving her a good home
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