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    Temperature Question

    I see quite a few questions which are temperature related.

    What would be the best minimum and maximum temperatures for hedgies, a sort of guideline inbetween which the temperature should be maintained for optimal health of Hedgies.

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    Just my opinion based on years of seeing individual hedgies and what they like and don't like-I would say between 72 F and 82 F. Once you get above or below those numbers, you run the risk of having hedgehogs who are too cold or too warm. I have seen other people recommend both higher and lower and I suspect that it can also depend on where you live and what the average temperature is there and how much the temperature fluctuates .
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    Thank You for the answer. Here where I live we have and average ambient Summer temp of around 30 Centi, and an average ambient Winter temp of around 23 Centi.

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    I agree with CThogs. And there are ways to adjust temperatures within the room where your hedgie lives to create the best temperature for your hedgie.

    Oh, and welcome to HHW!

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