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Thread: Some Knowledgeable Answers Required.

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    Some Knowledgeable Answers Required.

    Good day All

    I got a trio of Hedgies about 6 or 7 weeks ago. All Albinos, 1 x male and 2 x females, housed together in a single cage, I do not know for how long.
    I took them home and it took me about a week to get them all sorted into individual cages.
    In the last 3 or 4 days before I had them sorted, we did hear squeeakes at night, whereas they are normally very quite.

    Now 3 weeks later, the one female has doubled in size, stays inside her little house a lot, shreds the newspaper in her cage that the water and food bowls are on, and takes the shredded newspaper into her little house, despite there being a lot of wood shavings in the house and cage.

    Is she possibly pregnant, I don't want to even look or touch and fiddle to check, because I heard that if she is pregnant and I interfere she will abort the babies.

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    Yes, it is possible that the one female is pregnant especially since she was housed with the male prior to you separating them all into their own cages.

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    It is with great sadness that I report my fears. On Saturday morning I woke up to what appeared to be quite a bit of dried blood in her cage. She either aborted and ate, or gave birth and ate the babies.
    This would have been her first litter of babies, and this combined with a lot of disturbance caused the end result. I have since moved all the hedgies to a room of the house with much less comings and goings and hence, far less disturbance. There will be other times for babies.

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    Oh my goodness I am so sorry for that. Know that my thoughts are with you and I think your perspective is a good one. I also like the idea of moving your hedgies to a quieter area of the house.

    Be well.

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    Thank You Andrea. My Children (Animals) always take first preference in my home.

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    I am a lot like you . I call my animals my furbabies for a reason!

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