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Thread: Dear Mr Hedgehog - a poem by Karen DeBiasse

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    Dear Mr Hedgehog - a poem by Karen DeBiasse

    Dear Mr. Hedgehog
    (Karen DeBiasse-1/3/14 ©)

    A tiny animals birth
    Appears on planet earth
    His name is Mister Hedgehog
    He wears a prickly shirt

    Through brush and rocks and termite mounds
    This Hedgehog he does roam
    His wobbly legs
    His stiff white spines
    His pointy black tipped nose

    Hello there Mister Hedgehog
    Youíre out so late tonight
    I slept all day and now Iím off
    To go out for a bite

    Where will you go this morning
    Once dined on grubs and worms
    Be resting in my burrow
    Where I choose to be alone

    He waddles through a garden
    He waddles past a tree
    His teeth are pearly white
    His black eyes barely see

    Just go on with my business
    Get by without much strife
    I dug a cozy home
    I live a simple life

    Iím happy down here resting
    Will stay here all day long
    He tucks his tiny head in
    And rolls up in a ball

    His quills stick outward bound
    Pin cushion he is crowned
    And on his soft warm bed
    Appears as if heís dead

    Iím just a spiny Hedgehog
    A shrew canít you see
    Iíve been around forever
    For all eternity

    Come catch me if you can
    May make a nice warm friend
    Iím not so hard to tame
    And even like to bathe

    Am playful if youíre nice
    If not take my advise
    Beware my pointy spines
    To them I will resign

    I pick him up and there he rolls
    A tight neat little ball
    I hold him very precariously
    Afraid that he might fall

    This adorable little hedgehog
    In the palm of my own hand
    Now opens up and kisses me
    He doesnít even stab

    Oh Dear Olí Mr. Hedgehog
    I hope your life is long
    Youíre fun and sweet and oh so cute
    A treasure to us all

    Your comments are welcome-personally I think it is pretty great
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    Aww, that's cute. Hooray for hedgepoetry!

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    That is awesome.

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