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    I am new to this forum, and have had my first hedgehog for about 3 weeks. Things seem to be going pretty much normal, but my hedgehog does not play. He is eating well, getting used to his surroundings, lets me handle him. He has a wheel, large tube, wood ring to hide under. I have him in a rabbit hutch, so he has a quiet area where his bed and blankets are, and the bigger area where his toys, food bowls, litter box, etc. are. He has even quit pooping on me.
    But he mostly just sleeps, poops, and eats. Any ideas please?

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    Welcome to HHW! Look forward to pictures

    How old is your hedgie? Some hedgies like to explore and if you have him on your lap in a fleece blankie, he may be more inclined to either explore or just "splat" out (which my hedgie does) and relax with you.

    Other ideas are having him on the floor on a blanket with some toilet paper tubes--hedgies love to 'tube'.

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