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Thread: Hedgehogs need to chew

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    Hedgehogs need to chew

    I took tommy to the vet yesterday and she said his incisors are a little long and that he needs to chew. I did not know this?! He has pellet food but besides that no supplemental chewys. Any suggestions of what to buy? She seemed to think pine wood is ok but I told her they can't have pine or cedar wood. Thanks, Annie

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    No-don't give him anything to chew. Hedgehogs teeth don't grow and they don't need to chew. I'm surprised the vet didn't know that. Their front teeth will sometimes protrude a little and that is normal
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    Sometimes owners of hedgehogs become the experts and end up knowing more than vets, especially if the vet does not specialize in exotic animals. That is why it is especially important to be connected to an experienced group of owners and breeders, like HHW, to verify information!!!!

    Hedgehogs are not rodents and their teeth do not grow. If you look at a hedgehog from the underside up towards the mouth, hedgehogs can look like mini vampires LOL with pointed teeth. However, they are not vampires or rodents and that is their normal look, so to speak.

    Do not give them anything to chew or force them to chew (I know you would never do this but we have a lot of lurkers and I am stating this for them).

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