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Thread: Heat help?

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    Unhappy Heat help?

    Ok, so, I have a difficult situation. I know my hedgehog will need heat, but I can't use a heating pad, a space heater, or a heat lamp, because of the electric bill and the fire risk. There's always the snuggle safe heat pad, but that's not intended for permanent use. So what do I do?

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    Well your hedgehog will have to stay warm somehow. It is a cost of owning a hedgehog just like food is, so you need to figure you are going to spend something extra to keep your hedgehog warm. Even the snuggle safe costs something because you have to use the microwave to heat it. A heat lamp or heat pad are probably cheaper than a space heater.
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    How warm is your home? Can you keep your hedgie closer to one of the heat vents in your home to make sure your hedgie is getting adequate heat (and that is only if you are keeping your home reasonably warm)?

    Please let us know how you are doing. Lots of areas are having arctic blasts and hedgies need to be kept warm in order for them to survive.

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    I understand the pain of the electric bill, but if you are looking for something, I use this heating pad, and it BARELY touches my electric bill at all.

    It's low energy and does wonders with keeping hedgies warm. I personally like it a little cold-ish when I sleep, so I know the worries of heating a hedgie, but as Ann said, it comes with the territory of owning a hedgie. I hope everything is well!
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    I agree with what everyone has posted and Cardianharle has good points. My house is also on the cool side so my hedgies have one room in the house that is kept warmer--which feels good to me when I enter LOL

    Hedgie Lover 1, let us know how things are going
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