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Thread: Fleece liners?

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    Question Fleece liners?

    I would like to use fleece liners, but how would I wash it? It will be soiled, so I prefer not to put it in my laundry machine. Could I bring it to the laundry mat or something? With a hose? I am really unsure on how to wash this thing that I will have.

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    You want to use a washing machine and use detergent and something to sanitize like bleach or white vinegar
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    Well, I use carefresh however have a small pile of liners in the corner of the cage with the hedgie bag for extra snuggle opportunities. I also have fleece blankies that are used during out of cage splatting time. Because of this, I have things to wash (i.e. hedgie bags, fleece blankies). Typically what I do is wait until I have a small pile of items (which means you need to have enough that you can wait a bit to accumulate items), I shake them out so there is not too much stray carefresh stuck to the items, and I wash them in the washing machine and then use the dryer (with no dryer sheets). After I do this, I run the washing machine without anything but bleach on a short, hot spin to sanitize the machine. This has worked for me. I read somewhere that a person should do that anyway--run an empty load with just bleach and a hot water cycle to sanitize the machine.

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    Yeah I use white vinegar like Ann stated

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