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Thread: Dad and daughter mated!

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    Dad and daughter mated!

    I have a male hedgehog and his daughter, from a good breeder (WHS free and all that). My stupid mother put them together because she "thought it would be fine and they wanted to play". The daughter is 6 months old and pregnant now. They are father and daughter! Are the babies going to have issues from being inbred?

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    Genetics are unpredictable-you could have issues or they could be just fine. Or one could have issues and the others could be fine. You will have to wait and see. Read through the breeding articles here and make sure you are prepared.

    If the hedgehog has babies, all males will have to be in separate cages once they are weaned. Girls can stay together if they get along and the cage is big enough. And no, once they are weaning age, boys and girls should not have play time together.

    If you have other questions,feel free to ask
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