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Thread: Mum that doesn't know what to do???

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    Question Mum that doesn't know what to do???

    I got my girl rosey a few months ago and I've decided to let her breed with my male. However when the pet store had her she was pregnant and gave birth the first week they had her. She was apparently ignoring them and didn't know what to do with them so I am concerned with her upcoming litter. What happens if she ignores them again? I have done weeks of research however I am also interested in having someone I can email if anything comes up? Not thinking of breeding her for at least another month however I would like to set up my contacts and get all the information I can as soon as possible

    Thanks guys

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    I'm sure you could email any of the breeders here and they would help out with any questions you have

    You don't want to breed your pet store hedgehog(s). If you are serious about breeding, it is important to have as much history as possible on the health of past generations. Read this article for more info
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