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Thread: Cage Ready, Just Need Hedgie

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    Cage Ready, Just Need Hedgie

    I'm new to the hedgie world, and am waiting to get my baby hedgehog. I've done some research and observed the forums, looking at your cage set ups and adorable hedgie pictures and stories. I initiially was going to use a bin set up with 2 bins connected by PVC pipe. I couldn't find a convenient way to heat it without having 2 lamps and some kind of stand, and it seemed too small. I now have a 2x2 grid C&C cage! I just got done putting everything in order. All I need is the heating lamp, bucket wheel, and the hedgehog. If everything goes as planned, I will have my baby hedgie on Friday. Thoughts? :)

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    Well, I am at work right now and the pictures are not coming up. I will look at them when I get home

    CONGRATULATIONS on your upcoming hedgie adoption Have you met your hedgie before?

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