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Thread: My hedgehog is making strange sounds

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    My hedgehog is making strange sounds

    Please somebody tell me what is going on, my hedgehog is making very strange sounds, like pidgin or cat purring,and sometimes squeal....and it is all happening while he is sleeping ???????????????

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    Hedgie snoring. Mine squeak when they sleep. Haven't heard purring, but I would think it's the same thing. My last hedgehog screamed pretty loud in his sleep. Gave me a heart attack and he wasn't too happy when I woke him up to make sure he was ok. It's normal, and pretty freakin cute.
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    tnx, i was really worried about it

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    Hedgies make noises--sometimes when they are exploring, they make really cute 'happy sounds' which sound like sniffing/purring/little squeeking sounds. Cant really describe it but I call it 'happy sounds'.

    Hope that helps.

    There is a sound called 'the hedgie scream of death' which can be quite terrifying to hear--it means that something is wrong and you need to check it out. It can be a true emergency or it can be an issue that your hedgie considers an emergency (like the wheel is not working)

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