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Thread: Cage Emergency

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    Cage Emergency

    I have a Guinea pig cage for my Hedgehog. It has a plastic bottom and a wire top with wires that run horizontal. She use to climb up the sides of the cage so we put plastic place mats in between the wires so she can't. I looked in her cage today and found blood everywhere. When I checked on her I saw she had a cut on her back right leg. I think she might have cut herself trying to climb up the side of the cage again. So I want to try a new cage completely.
    Do you have any suggestions on a good safe cage for adventurous hedgehog? Do they like glass tanks? Like a fish tank? Please let me know as soon as possible.

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    I would go to your local store and purchase two biggest clear plastic tote you can find. Drill ventilation wholes all around it, about half way up. Just make the wholes the as big around as the drill bit. Then purchase a 6inch diameter piece of pvc pipe and use it to create a tunnel between the two tubs. You can avoid using two totes if you can find a really really big tote to start with. This should have smooth sides and nothing for adventurous little hedgies to hurt them selves on. Good Luck!

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    Ok, look at the archives on this site to get examples of acceptable cages. Glass fish tanks are NOT good cages due to ventilation and cleaning issues.

    There are a lot of good photos on this site of different kinds of cages.

    Good luck and I hope your hedgie is ok

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    What's the difference in ventilation for plastic bins compared to a fish tank?

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    In glass fish tanks you cannot drill small ventilation holes--but you can do this in the plastic bins. And the plastic bins come in lots of various dimensions in terms of the bottom of the bin, allowing more room for the hedgehog to have. Lots of aquarium tanks are narrow and quite heavy.

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