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Thread: putting hedgehog to sleep

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    putting hedgehog to sleep

    So,on weekends we are often traveling in my family home and we are always taking hedgehog with us, but the problem is that he is sensing what we are planning and he run and hide when is traveling time.If i take him in my hands he is struggling,his spikes are hurting and he sometimes bites ,until he jump from my hand on the floor and hide. In car he sometimes is vomiting and having diarrhea. My question is is there some kind of pills or something that can put him to sleep if i give it trough his food, but something that will not have bad side effects and it will not hurt him, just put him to sleep few hours?
    We can not leave him at home alone whole weekend, there is no one who can feed him ......

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    I think hedgies are not suitable to be carried around like travelling. Find someone to temporarily take care of them might be a better choice ><

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    I agree that you should probably just find somebody who will feed/water your hedgie while you are gone. They don't have to pick them up--just monitor the cage in the morning and refill food and water.

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    If he is getting car sick, you can try not feeding him right before the trip so his stomach is not full. Sometimes that helps, but not always.
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