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Thread: reptile aquarium?

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    reptile aquarium?

    i recently bought a hedgehog off a guy who had to move, so he gave me a good deal for a bunch of stuff. i'm new to owning hedgehogs, and i couldn't pass up a good price!
    i think it might be some kind of lizard aquarium, because it looks like it had a sliding door at one point. (one piece is missing, so i have it closer to the walls + the wheel is blocking it so no hedgies can escape!) I think it's an okay size, all her stuff can fit in it. but i wanted some more opinions! i think it's about 3 feet long, not sure how wide.

    my main reason for asking is because i know a lot of people are worried about ventilation problems. there's nothing covering the top of the cage, and like i said- half of the back wall is missing (up closer to the top though, not super close to the ground) so i feel like air could easily flow inside. i know people sometimes use big plastic bins, and i'm wondering how those would work any better? you can drill holes in them- but those are still tiny holes where this tank has half a wall gone!

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    I'm not really sure how you can contain the hedgehog with half the wall gone. I would put some kind of wall up there-use plastic folders, coroplast, or something else safe but washable.

    For ventilation in bins, I have seen all sorts of nice things that people have done-mesh inserts, quarter sized holes where hedgehogs can't get to, etc.

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