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Thread: food and treats and everything yummy inbetween!

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    Talking food and treats and everything yummy inbetween!


    Ms Oreo Cookie want to know, whats your hedgies favourite treats, and what do you feed them in general?

    she eats PURINA ONE - Chicken flavour, with added Bob Martins Chicken flavour meat sachet as her staple food and it keeps her weight steady and keeps her healthy.

    for treats, she likes a teaspoon of 2 Minute noodles cut up fine, or a hard boiled egg, or some scrambled eggs, or a piece of boiled potato, or a piece of cucumber. she also has a liking for a teaspoon of rooibos tea without milk. OBVIOUSLY MEAL WORMS. - - - - - - - - BUT - - - - - - - --
    with all of that being said, I DONT OVERFEED HER (we all know how ladies are about their figure).

    what do you feed your hedgie bums and what treats do they like?
    - -_Miss Oreo Cookie says "come to the Dark Side, We have Cookie". . . silly hedgehog, the "dark side" is only your pouch, and YOU ARE the Cookie_- -

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    Ok, boiled white meat chicken is the big treat here for both hedgies (Spikey loves treats, Mr. Pickles who was rehomed to me is not as interested in treats in general although he is the bigger size hedgie; Spikey is small). Organic wild salmon is an ok treat.

    For Spikey, his main treat that he goes absolutely crazy for is banana. I mean, he really really loves it. So I have to give him small amounts not too often (maybe once a week); I could see where he could really gorge on it and get sick. Since it is not a protein and hedgehogs can get fatty liver, I have to be the grown up meanie mommy and limit him.

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