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    Question Shipping?

    Is it safe to ship a hedgie through petsafe? My friend in Indiana was going to give me a hedgie and I live in Florida… I want to find the best way to get them from Indiana to me here in Florida… I do not have the capabilities to drive up north as well as she cannot drive to me here in the south…  I really want my new little hedgie to come home but I am unaware of the rules and regulations… Does it require a USDA license? Does it require a health certificate? Can someone please help!?

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    Ok, I do not know much about petsafe. Do they have a website regarding how they ship various animals? I think the main issues would be temperature and safety of the cage--not being crushed by moving objects or tossed around if it is not secured down. And also the air pressure--is the area where the animals are kept provided with oxygen to support life. Do they have a toll free number where you can call and ask?

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    It is United Airlines and I think the are as safe/unsafe as anyone. Temperature is a huge issue-I have heard of problems both with extreme heat in summer and extreme cold in winter for different types of animals. If you ship during a time when the temps are not too hot or cold you will minimize your risk that something will go wrong. Check out this site-there is a lot of info
    Connecticut Hedgehogs
    A USDA licensed African pygmy hedgehog breeder located in CT. We serve the tri-state area of CT, New York State and NJ as well as Western MA (and anywhere else you happen to be) Visit our website for more information

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