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Thread: DNA study of African Pygmy Hedgehogs

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    DNA study of African Pygmy Hedgehogs

    Hi Everyone,

    My name is Brendon O'Rourke, and I am a scientist at the Department of Primary Industries in Sydney, Australia. I am interested in a population genetics study using DNA from African Pygmy hedgehogs. To conduct this study, I am asking for samples from African Pygmy hedgehogs from various regions around the world including America, Europe, Asia, Africa etc. The aim of the study is to examine the relationship of the hedgehogs already in Australia (e.g. in zoo collections) to other populations of pygmy hedgehogs around the world.

    Ideally, I require about 30-50 samples from each region, and it would be helpful if some of the samples were from family trios (ie. mother, father and offspring). Therefore, I am interested in contacting both breeders and owners to assist with this study.

    The samples I require for DNA purposes would simply be mouth swabs. I will send out kits containing swabs, the necessary forms (to get the samples back to Australia) and pre-paid envelopes to return the swabs to me. You would be asked to rub a swab on the inside of each hedgehog's cheek, and fill out the accompanying forms.

    All information will be kept strictly confidential. The information critical to the study is solely information on the location of the hedgehog(s), where they were bred and any family relationships.

    This first post is aimed at determining the level of assistance that I may be able to get from breeders and owners. There is no obligation to be involved, but the results of the study will be shared with the participants when the results are published.

    I am happy to provide any more detail that may help verify this genuine request

    Kind regards,


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    Hi Brendon- Your study sounds very interesting. I am from the US and can do some family groups. Getting the swabs from some hedgehogs may be easier than others I will try to drum up some interest for you
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    Many thanks for the interest in our project. I appreciate any assistance with generating support for supplying samples.

    Kind regards, Brendon

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