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Thread: Green Poo ?!?

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    Green Poo ?!?

    Kahlua was running around in her ball ( she is a little fittness nut ) and I noticed that she'd had an accident so i put her in her cage . As i was removing her i knoticed that her poo was smaller than usual and discolored (green like algea ) . Is this normal , or is this a sign that she could be sick ? thank you if you know anything and share your knowledge with me

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    Green poo can happen if you have given a new food or treat or if there is some other change in diet. It can be shockingly green. It should return to normal within the day.
    It can also be a sign of stress or illness. If it doesn't go back to normal within a day or so or if there are other symptoms of illness, then you want to save some poo for a sample and go to the vet
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