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    sick hedgie

    Hi everybody, I'm new here and sad that the first time I'm posting is because my hedgie is sick.
    I got Izzy when she was one year old and I've had her for about 3 years. We don't know if she was actually one when we got her because her last owner lied about a lot of things so she might be older.
    Last week I realised Izzy was off of her food and just seemed to want to sleep all the time. Sometimes she won't eat for a night but will eat again fine the next night, but this went on for three or four nights. Even with ham, chicken and mashed potato her usual favourites. She was walking in a very wobbly way and seemed confused and disorientated, walking in circles a lot (she only has on eye and it seems to be bothering her now whereas before she was fine without it). On Saturday night (over a week ago) I got scrambled egg down her and on Sunday I managed to get her to eat scrambled egg and mealworms. I gutloaded the mealworms to get more into her. Since then I've managed to get her to eat pretty regularly each night but getting her to drink is harder. On Monday I took her to the vets and they prescribed antibiotics and painkillers. They speculated that she was constipated, but that seems to be slowly clearing up. As of now she's not falling over or wobbly any more but stumbles every now and then or will walk in circles once in a while.
    Her walking also seems different. I'm wondering if this is a combination of her not eating on top of something else? At first I thought fld but now I'm wondering if she's hurt herself as well?
    Examining her is hard because she hates being touched. We don't think her first owners socialised her enough. I am the only person able to pick her up at all. If anyone else tries she balls up completely then hisses and huffs as much as she can.
    Any ideas at all would be useful. She has another vet appointment today. Thanks x

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    How did the vet visit go? A lot of what you are describing (less active, constipated, etc) could be old age if she could be over 4. It sounds like the painkillers and antibiotics are helping. I would keep her warmer-as they get older or ill, they may need it warmer than in the past and that can help sometimes if they are not walking right. Also, not to over load her with medicines, but there are things like MSM that can help with arthritis, joint pains etc and that may be worth a try.
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    Can you describe the habitat you have setup a bit more??

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