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Thread: Bathing Hedgie

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    Bathing Hedgie

    Kahlua's previous owner said that she'd never bathed Kahlua in the year that she'd had her and she was very vague about how i would go about bathing her . I'd like to know how to go about bathing if Kahlua would need it . Sorry for asking such a dumb question

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    No worries-not a dumb question. Usually all they need is a foot bath from running on the wheel and getting poop on their feet. For that you can put an inch of water in the sink and let them run around in it.

    A full body bath usually doesn't have to be done often unless they get stinky. I have had a really wide variety in how clean hedgehogs keep themselves on their own though so some do need baths more often than others. I recommend only bathing them when they do need it as it dries out their skin and removes the natural oils.

    I pick a warm day (which has been hard to come by lately here) and put them in the sink with a drop of baby shampoo and a drop of olive or coconut oil for moisturizer. Aveeno oatmeal bath is very popular too. If there is goop on the quills you can gently use a tooth brush to clean the quills. Most of them hate the water so expect them to try to climb your arm, the faucet etc to try to climb out. When you are done, cuddle with them in a towel until they are not moist anymore, Give them treats too and they may associate the bath with good things
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