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Thread: New hedgie advice!

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    New hedgie advice!

    Hello, I just got Nelly two days ago! I am absolutely in love, she came from a home that was loving, but her owner didn't know the first thing about hedgehog care. I think I knew more than her in the first hour of research! Her cage is super small, it has a water bottle, food bowl, a mouse sized saucer, aspen bedding(thank god she knew not to have the other type of wood bedding), and a towel for her to hide under. I saw her on craigslist and couldn't resist her. She is beautiful and only a little grumpy(I was surprised, I thought she would be way more grumpy the first week or so)! Her old owner told me she guessed she was about a year old, but she is not positive. She also told me there is no need for any heating source, and that hibernation isn't a big deal, just leave her alone and wait it out. It was so hard for me not to correct everything she was saying!! Anyway, I am in the process of switching her food to a way better kind, she seems to enjoy it! When she came to me, she looked pretty much all dark brown, and now after I gave her a bath, she has a mostly white butt! I also get her new cage (2x3 c&c) in the mail tomorrow, and I just ordered her fleece liner, Carolina Storm wheel with litter pan, and tons of toys! I already have her hidey hut and a couple snuggle bags I made her here with me. Is there anything else I need to know or any advice you have for me? I am incredibly in love with this little munchkin, I just want the best for her.
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    Give her lots of love and a consistent schedule and I bet she will be a great friend for you She may have had a bunch of homes if the previous owner didn't know her age so consistency and her knowing what to expect is important. She looks pretty relaxed in the pictures so you are off to a good start
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