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    I just got my baby hedgie 2 weeks ago and I ran out of food before I could get new food....I was planning on duplicating the breeder's food but when I went to the pet store they did not have the right brands! I had to get different food for my hedgie and now I am really worried...

    I fed him before I left for work and he ate it no problem, so I do not think he is going to go on a hunger strike.... but is there anything else I should be worried about? because i am really worried...


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    Green poop (sometimes really bright green) is the most common sign of stomach upset. Some hedgies get it every time you introduce something new but others don't. Just keep an eye on him and if he is eating and his poop looks relatively normal I wouldn't worry. If he has green poop it should only last a day or two. If you can get some of what he was eating before and mix it in it would probably be easier on his system especially if his poop looks off. It's actually good that he ate the new food right away because some do not take to new foods easily.
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    So far i was worried for nothing haha he devoured his food that I left him while I was at work, drank a bunch of water, and his poop is normal colored. He also got mad when I peeked in his bin to check on him this morning. So far he is having no issues with the food! So I was just being an over-worried hedgie mommy! haha thank you so much for replying

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